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Interoperability and Composability: Killer of Redundant Blockchains (Part 1)

“From the perspective of blockchain technology, if blockchains are to achieve their true potential, then broad, generic interoperability between blockchain services is required.”  
– Arlyn Culwick, Co-Founder of The Blocknet

Interoperability has been proclaimed as the holy grail for the blockchain industry; but the discussion is much more nuanced. There are a plethora of examples …

Dfinity: Cloud Three Point Oh?

“We think the potential of this thing is unlimited — the whole world runs on software” — Dominic Williams, President and Chief Scientist at Dfinity

Dfinity is a highly anticipated project that has garnered significant attention in crypto and cloud circles; its recent funding round valued the project at over $2B without even launching a …

Decred: Governance and Funding Reimagined

“Decred’s killer feature is good governance, and with good governance, you can have any feature you want.” – Placeholder VC

The overwhelming majority of crypto tokens offer you zero governance features; no control over what happens in the network and no say in the future of the platform. If you want to change the block …

Privacy Coin War: Short-Term Monero and Long-Term Zcash With Grin/Beam As Wild Cards

Executive Summary
One of the most misunderstood tenants of crypto, is the thought that Bitcoin and Ethereum are anonymous; in reality every transaction can be traced very easily using simple block explorers (I,II).
We believe privacy coins will be the next crypto emphasis wave as consumers and businesses realize they can now transact, hold funds, and …

Ethereum’s Serenity: A Potential ~10x Increase In Demand For Gas and Increasing Scarcity Could Both Drive ETH’s Price Higher


Progress lies not in enhancing what is, but in advancing toward what will be.
– Khalil Gibran

Executive Summary

Serenity is the next iteration of Ethereum. It is a major shift to a markedly advanced platform packed with foundational improvements to power the future of the most prominent programmable public blockchain. Ethereum is a Turing complete platform, …

Tezos Deep Dive: The Only Viable Ethereum Competitor In The Smart Contract War

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, not the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” – Charles Darwin
Executive Summary

We believe the crypto-space is on the verge of a smart contract platform war, known plainly as the battle between public blockchains. While Ethereum …

Ripple Deep Dive: A 2 Basis Point Improvement Isn’t Worth a $45B XRP Valuation

Executive Summary

Ripple (the organization) and the cryptocurrency, XRP, are two of the most contentious crypto entities with those who believe in their merit while others do not. While Ripple is attempting to solve real problems for banks through a step function improvement in the infrastructure for global payments through RippleNet, the utility of XRP …

MakerDAO DAI Deep Dive: A StableCoin Without The Tethered Centralized Party

MakerDAO DAI Deep Dive: A StableCoin Without The Tethered Centralized Party; Valuation Model Points to $2500 MKR

Executive Summary

Stablecoins are a critical cornerstone to solving the volatility issue associated with crypto coins through the use of a separate medium that is not subject to price swings. Stablecoins have the potential for multiple use cases ranging from …

0x Protocol Deep Dive: 6x Upside Based On Hybrid Utility and Governance Token Valuation

Executive Summary

0x Protocol ($310M, ZRX token) is a decentralized exchange protocol, a piece of public infrastructure which decentralized exchanges are building front-facing consumer applications to enable the trustless exchange of ERC-20 tokens (Ethereum Tokens). Historically common shared infrastructure leads to virtuous network effects (TCP/IP, Ethereum) while also creating a standard platform for which numerous …