Introducing 51percent Crypto Research: Crypto Analysis for The Early Majority

Introducing 51percent Crypto Research: Crypto Analysis for The Early Majority

During my time in Equity Research, I learned there are rigid moats in place that analysts, fund managers, and consumers are so conditioned to accept, they are unaware of just how misunderstood the crypto space truly is. It could be by raising capital through ICO (soon STOs) without ever interacting with an investment banking team. Or, by creating uncensorable, smart-contract platforms that can host decentralized applications that will never subject a creator to platform lock-in (every app on Facebook). The world of cryptocurrencies is evolving at lightning speed. Blazing fast smartphones are a perfect example of what didn’t exist a decade ago.


While working with a phenomenal mentor in equity research on a cloud and communications team for two years, I learned the value of building out next-gen infrastructure layers. The concept is simple: better infrastructure enables unthinkable new use cases built on top of those platforms that change the way we work and live. For example, the culmination of a multitude of wireless technologies, perfected over years of trial and error, has given us phones that enable Uber, Facebook and FaceTime Video. It was unheard of to think we as a culture would have Facebook even though we knew we would have faster throughput and latency, eventually.


My belief is that we currently reside within the infrastructure investment phase of Blockchain, building out governance, user interfaces, scaling technologies and more to enable a new paradigm. It is unclear what the future killer use cases will be. The space is working hard to achieve scale to enable these new, decentralized applications and smart contracts which we won’t believe we lived without in the coming years. Our children will laugh at us for giving away so much information to Facebook and Google without any value accruing for us in the face of both companies nearing market caps of one trillion dollars.


When I first stumbled upon the space about a year ago I was researching whether or not Ethereum would be disruptive to the cloud companies (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure etc.) Fast forward a 100-page blockchain white paper and my interest has grown exponentially. As difficult as it may be to exit a financially comfortable career, I am starting my own research shop as I am thoroughly convinced that the finance and tech worlds are rapidly changing and the people involved in these sectors will need a source for legitimate, timely analysis.


Cryptocurrencies are a fascination to me in ways no other area is, in that it brings together so many creative and intuitive puzzle pieces in one area. White papers outlining these projects detail the game theory and cryptoeconomics that incentivize network effects and favor good actors. Arguments between the tradeoffs of the classic trilemma (scalability, decentralization, security) for blockchain platforms are fascinating. Being able to monetize open-source software and enable millions of developers to work and grow an entity is a sea change. The developer room now spans the globe, not just a single team, in a company’s building. White papers are the new 10-Ks and reading them keeps me awake till dawn.


The current fall in crypto prices is leading those in the space to look for a trusted source for information. Those involved are wondering if the core tenants of crypto and blockchain are worthwhile; questioning whether we need decentralization or what the technology overall actually solves. My goal is to help shed light on these and other topics.


The world is hungry for trusted sources able to synthesize the multitude of data and content down into weekly reads. This facilitates education and adds actionable value. Analysts, funds managers, and investors do not have time to listen to developer calls and are not interested in sifting through GitHub for that one piece of data they need. Enter: 51percent Crypto Research, a resource that breaks the cryptocurrency space down into understandable reads to educate and explain the complex arguments in the space (i.e., “Do We Need Decentralization?”, “The State of Custody”). 51percent Crypto Research will analyze the most important aspects of the crypto space ranging from comparing public blockchains and cryptocurrencies, to new decentralized applications and the wide-ranging effects the space will have on traditional finance. Its clear professional research teams do not yet have the resources to bring on standalone crypto analysts, but every team can subscribe to a trusted source for a fraction of the price.


51percent’s goal is to provide leading crypto and blockchain research for professional investors, analysts, and funds, in simple weekly reads. From my time as an equity research associate, I know professional analysts and managers are busy and are inundated with data; as such 51percent Crypto Research will boil down its extensive research into simple and data-driven 5–10 minute weekly reads along with impressive exhibits.


I plan to grow 51percent into a research powerhouse, with analysts covering different aspects of the space in a targeted manner. Future iterations of the platform will include being able to network with other professional crypto analysts, investors, funds and even the founders and developers themselves. It would be a pleasure to have you on as part of the journey.


51percent Crypto Research provides synthesized cryptoanalysis for professional analysts, fund managers and investors in straightforward weekly reads.

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