MakerDAO DAI Deep Dive: A StableCoin Without The Tethered Centralized Party; $2500 MKR Is Possible

MakerDAO DAI Deep Dive: A StableCoin Without The Tethered Centralized Party; $2500 MKR Is Possible

MakerDAO DAI Deep Dive: A StableCoin Without The Tethered Centralized Party; Valuation Model Points to $2500 MKR


Executive Summary


Stablecoins are a critical cornerstone to solving the volatility issue associated with crypto coins through the use of a separate medium that is not subject to price swings. Stablecoins have the potential for multiple use cases ranging from a constant exchange of value for goods and services to a global currency and the creation of decentralized leverage.


Of the three main types of stablecoins (fiat-collateralized, crypto-collateralized and non-collateralized), MakerDAO’s Dai is the first fully functional crypto collateralized stablecoin built on verified smart contracts. This is a new paradigm; as existing stablecoins are subject to the very real risks of centralized third party risk, such as Tether which has been the subject of numerous allegations.


MakerDAO’s Dai allows users to create new use cases such as leverage, decentralized credit facilities, and secured lending operations. It can create any kind of derivative business in a trustless environment. The MakerDAO’s system is more transparent than any bank, even the federal reserve, and centralized stablecoin regimes such as Tether.


While we are positive on the MKR token, and are confident in the stability of Dai, a bet on viable stablecoins is synonymous with a bet on the entire crypto ecosystem. A viable decentralized stablecoin offers the ability to create truly untouchable crypto communities ranging from payments to decentralized autonomous organizations with no link to centralized third parties.


Stablecoin Use Cases


At their core, stablecoins solve the volatility problem of existing cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS). With a volatility profile that can range from 5% to 25%, the use case of cryptocurrencies to purchase goods and services is lackluster. One could pay $5 for a coffee today and have its value could increase 20% or more in less than a day, or worse, an ICO can raise $1B today and its value could decrease by 75% in only a few months.


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Thanks to Richard Brown, Dan Zuller, Chris Burniske, Mike Porcaro and Alex Evans for their input with this report.


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